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If you missed it or want to hear it again, here is Mark’s interview with Dave Wingert and My Boomer Radio. Listen in and get caught up with new 2019 IRA and ROTH IRA rules, what you should never do in retirement planning and more!

Why I hate Mutual Funds and you should too : Conclusion

MUTUAL FUNDS HAD THEIR DAY The number of mutual fund choices available to investors is overwhelming. It currently stands at over 10,00029 — 10,000 funds that want you to pay their exorbitant fees, share others’ tax liabilities, accept poor performance, live with less than all the facts about fund management and be content with the system. You realize that it…

Why I hate Mutual Funds 6: WHAT YOU SHOULD DO

It’s amazing that anybody buys into mutual funds anymore. True, your company’s profit-sharing or 401(k) plan may offer you little choice but to pick from certain funds made available. But, where you have a choice, I recommend these three steps: REDUCE FEES AND EXPENSES Search for an investment advisor who will help you avoid costly investment products and won’t add…


5. UNSUITABILITY FOR MANY INVESTORS Have you spoken with your mutual fund manager lately? Nobody does that. He has no understanding of your personal investment plan. He couldn’t be expected to tailor the fund to meet your needs anyway. Frankly, you’re just a number. You need personal risk management An investment program requires individual care that takes into account your…

Why I hate Mutual Funds Part 4: LESS THAN FULL DISCLOSURE

Mutual funds lack transparency. Fund management teams and investment strategies can change overnight and without notification to shareholders. It’s a peculiar aspect of mutual funds that they’re required to account for their activities and their holdings just once a quarter. Even then, investors see only a snapshot of a fund’s portfolio. which can change literally the day after the report….

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