Retire The Retirement F-Words

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Mark’s Interview At Boomer 1490 Boomer Radio.

If you missed it or want to hear it again, here is Mark’s interview with Dave Wingert and My Boomer Radio. Listen in and get caught up with new 2019 IRA and ROTH IRA rules, what you should never do in retirement planning and more!

5 Key Question’s Baby Boomers Must Ask Before They Retire: Q4: When is my spouse planning to retire?

4) When is my spouse planning to retire? A spouse with a shorter work history (e.g., 20 or 25 years) can realize a bigger increase in Social Security benefits by working three extra years than a spouse with a 40-year work history. Spouses also need to determine where they will live and what type of activities they will engage in once retired. They will also need to assess the feasibility of their goals.

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