5 Key Question’s Baby Boomers Must Ask Before They Retire: Q1:Do I have enough money?

1) Do I have enough money? Salaries will be replaced by Social Security benefits, annuity and/or pension benefits and savings withdrawals. While some expenses and outlays will go away (Social Security contributions, work-related costs, retirement savings contributions, etc.), new costs could appear (e.g., travel, hobbies, etc.). Please follow and like us:

Why I hate Mutual Funds and you should too : Conclusion

MUTUAL FUNDS HAD THEIR DAY The number of mutual fund choices available to investors is overwhelming. It currently stands at over 10,00029 — 10,000 funds that want you to pay their exorbitant fees, share others’ tax liabilities, accept poor performance, live with less than all the facts about fund management and be content with the system. You realize that it…